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Essential Oil Adventure Guide :
We personally love Young Living essential oils, and would love to be your essential oil adventure guides! Young Living oils are what started it all for us. A bottle of lavender and a diffuser, and we FINALLY all slept through the night. We truly believe they are the best of the best out there, because we’ve experienced it first hand. These are also the essential oils that we love for all the adventures, and that I (along with thousands of others) have found to be powerful and affective to use with Aroma Freedom Sessions.

DSC_0084-2Our favorite way to get started is the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with 12 essential oils, a beautiful diffuser, additional wellness amazingness, and a membership to Young Living (think Costco), that gives you a 24% discount for life. There’s also another option called the Basic Starter Kit, which is something you can customize to your budget (also comes with a membership)

With this discount you can snag makeup free from harmful toxins, household items, skin care products, more essential oils, supplements and vitamins, and more.

Coming Soon : Favorite Books and Resources
Coming Soon : Favorite DIY Essential Oil Supplies