Essential Oil FAQs

***We are not medical professionals. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

I am just simply a momma and a wife, who loves picking up a bottle of plants first to try and help us, and below are my personal opinions***

What is your favorite essential oil brand?
Hands down, Young Living!! They are extremely transparent about where they grow at, and open up their farms to the public. I’ve actually been to the Mona, Utah farm a couple of times, and plan to go back again in July! Their essential oils are actually pure, like the label states. Per guidelines, essential oils can slap a 100% pure label on the bottle, and only have about 5% actual pure oil in it. The rest can be synthetics, dilution, etc.

What are essential oils?
They are the oil from the plant they were distilled from. Simply put, they are the lifeblood of that plant. What kept it healthy and helped it fight against disease. Not all plants produce essential oils, but the ones that do ; they can be found in shrubs, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, rind, etc. They are basically man-kind’s first medicine!

What do you use them for?
Soooo many things!!! I think a better question is…what CAN’T you use them for?
Since the oils helped keep those plants healthy, they also can do the same thing for us. They help support different systems in our bodies.

Do they work?
Everyone has a different experience, since we’re all different. But, in my experience…heck yes!!! And they do their thing pretty fast. They are adaptogenic, meaning they will travel to whatever system your body needs them to go to.

What’s your favorite essential oil?
Lavender. I’ve found that it is the most versatile one. It’s actually the essential oil that helped us believe they are legit. Our daughter was about 1 years old, and wasn’t sleeping. At all. Therefore, my husband and I weren’t either. A friend of mine recommended to try putting a couple drops of Lavender in a diffuser. We did, and when we woke up…the sun was out!!!!

Are they safe for pets?
My opinions and experiences are based on only using Young Living Essential Oils. But, like with anything, use caution. Go slow with your pet. Apply an oil to yourself first, and let them smell it from your hand. Always dilute with a carrier oil! Avoid citrus oils and Tea Tree oil with cats. Always diffuse with doors open, so the animal can escape if they do not enjoy the smell or are having an reaction. Avoid Wintergreen with dogs and cats.

Can I use them with my kids?
Again, use caution. And my experience is only with Young Living essential oils. Always dilute with a carrier oil. Start slow, apply on the bottoms of the feet. Diffuse in an open space. Personally, we use most essential oils around our daughter – with no issue. But, you are the parent. Do what you are most comfortable with. My favorite book is Gentle Babies, available on Amazon.

Can I apply them to my skin?
You can! Each bottle of Young Living’s will let you know if you need to dilute or not, and the different ways you can use them (topically, aromatically, dietary).

What does diluting mean? What do I dilute with?
Essential oils are potent! A little goes a LONG ways. Most times one drop is plenty.
Diluting helps stretch your essential oils further, but also it helps the potency. Dilute with a fatty oil though, NOT water.

Dilute with a fatty oil like, liquid coconut oil, grapeseed, jojoba, avocado, etc.

What is your favorite carrier oil?
Fractionated Coconut Oil

What happens if I have a skin reaction, or get an essential oil into my eye?
Again, dilute. But, NOT with water. If your skin reacts negatively, stop use – and apply a carrier oil to the area. If you get essential oil into your eyes (I have with Peppermint..MANY times. It’s not fun), flush with coconut oil or any carrier oil.

I heard lavender can help with sleep, but it hasn’t helped me. Why?
Everyone is different. Our body’s all need different things. Play around with different blends and see what works for you.

How many drops in a bottle?
5ml has about 80 drops. 15ml has about 240.

Can you ingest essential oils?
Look for the white labels with Young Living. They are the Vitality line, meaning if you wanted to – you could ingest them. Safety first though. 1 drop is plenty, or even dabbing a toothpick into the bottle, and swirling it around in your favorite recipes (Oregano, Thyme, etc).

If you are putting a citrus oil into your water to drink, use a stainless steel or glass water bottle. Citrus oils can eat away at plastic, and then you’d be drinking the chemicals from plastic.

Is a $5 bottle of Frankincense too good to be true?
Yes!!!! Essential oils take quite a lot of plants to make one bottle. It takes about 3 lbs of Lavender plants just for one bottle. However it takes 242,000 rose petals to make a 5ml bottle of Rose. It also depends on plant location, if it’s seasonal only or not, etc. I’m all for bargain shopping, and saving moola…but if you are wanting a truly pure essential oil, sourced with integrity, cheaper is NOT better.

Do I need to know everything about essential oils, before using them?
No!!! I learn something new every single day. It is a process. However, we have an incredible group of supportive oilers that help us along the way. The Reference Guide from Life Science Publishing is also great. Along with the $6.99 app “Reference Guide for Essential Oils”. I use it every day.

How can I get started?
Grab your own Oily Starer Kit! It is LIFE changing. It comes with 12 every day essential oils, a GORGEOUS diffuser, toxin free cleaning sample, and a discount to use on anything you’d like to grab in the future. Head to our sign up link, or to your fav oilers – and click the Member option, and choose which kit you’d like. If you enroll with us, we’ll add you to our private Facebook group full of oily support. And we will make sure to send you a welcome package to help too. You’ll never be alone on this journey! Promise.