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Back to School Survival : Essential Oil Recipes


It’s back to school time!! With that, comes a whole array of new experiences, concerns, and adventures. Studying, focusing, earlier bed times, germs. Public speaking for presentations can be terrifying. Even, just going to school in general can feel kind of scary sometimes (for both kiddo and parent). Looking back, I wish I had essential oils when I was went to school. But, I have them for my daughter – and I’ve whipped up some SUPER easy Back to School Survival recipes to help us all.

Whether you homeschool, unschool, send your kid to public school or private school. Or maybe you do a hybrid of homeschool/public school. Whateverrrrr. Just know, these recipes are Pinterest-Fail proof. Just like everything else I plan to share on here. Because, if you know me – you know I do NOT do complicated. Who the heck has the time?

– Back to School Survival Bag –

:: Supply List ::
– 10ml essential oil rollers
– 2oz spray bottles
– Young Living Essential Oils
(or head to your fav YL oiler’s link)
– Pencil Bags
– Alcohol Free Witch Hazel
– Witch Hazel Astringent
– Labels via Cricut (font : Balloon Pops)
[[ You could also just put their fav duct tape on the bottles ]]

– Recipes –

:: Fearless – Oil Roller ::
This blend is perfect for any time your kid (or yourself) needs a little extra courage and empowerment. I’m terrified of public speaking, and this is my go-to blend before any presentation. You might even need this if you brave the school pick up lines.

  • 10 drops Valor
  • 5 drops Orange
  • Fill with carrier oil
  • Roll on wrists and over heart


:: Wellness (Immune) – Oil Roller ::
Kids are gross. Adults can be pretty gross too. This blend of plant amazingness helps to support all the wellness, so sick days aren’t actual sick days, and hopefully just family adventure days.

  • 10 drops Thieves
  • 3 drops Oregano
  • Fill with carrier oil
  • Roll on bottoms of feet 1-2x daily


:: Homework Helper (Brain Power) – Oil Roller ::
Studying. Test taking. Homework. School work. Reports. Helping with all these things. This roller packed full of grounding, focus, and energy supporting essential oils.

Fun fact: Rosemary is known to increase memory by 75%.

  • 5 drops Peppermint
  • 5 drops Rosemary
  • 5 drops Frankincense
  • Fill with carrier oil
  • Roll on back of neck and on chest


:: Sleep Please – Oil Roller ::
Up earlier means getting to bed earlier. Unless you’re a homeschooler, than you may sleep in like us! But, we still need sleep – and sometimes it’s difficult to shut down the mind and relax.

  • 10 drops Lavender
  • 10 drops Cedarwood
  • Fill with carrier oil
  • Roll on bottoms of feet 20 minutes before bed.


:: Scalp Spray ::
This one is to help avoid any creepy crawly itchy scalp bugs. These nasties do NOT like Tea Tree and Peppermint.

In a 2oz spray bottle, add :

  • 10 drops Tea Tree
  • 3 drops Peppermint
  • Fill 1/2 Alcohol Free Witch Hazel
  • Fill other 1/2 with distilled water
  • Spray on scalp daily

schoolscalp (1 of 1).jpg

:: Germ Buster Spray ::
Gym bags, backpacks, hands, lockers, the classroom stuffed animal. Whatever! Spray it all with this stuff.

In a 2oz spray bottle, add :

  • 10 drops Thieves
  • Fill 1/2 Witch Hazel
  • Fill other 1/2 with distilled water

schoolgerm (1 of 1).jpg

Have an amazing school year!!! You’ve got this!!! Let us know if you try any of our Back to School Survival recipes.

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And if you don’t have essential oils yet, we always recommend Young Living! The Premium Starter Kit is our favorite way to get started, and the most bang for your buck. Every. Single. Time.


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