Introvert Guide to Cruising

Did you say yes to the adventure, and now your introverted (and/or empath) side is wishing you can take it back? Maybe anxiety is taking over a bit too?

I’ve been there! A lot. Go on the adventure though!!! Make the memories.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Below are a couple common traits of introverts and empaths. If you resonate with either, or know someone that does, keep reading!

Introvert :
– prefers calm and minimally stimulating environments
–  may feel drained after socializing
– energy is recharged by being alone
– prefers texts over phone calls
– typically does not enjoy spur of the moment events

Empath :
– highly sensitive
– often senses what people around them are thinking and feeling
– highly intuitive
– often overwhelmed with emotions
– absorbs other people’s emotions
– easily overwhelmed by the negativity of the news and world problems
– highly tuned senses (noise, smells, excessive talking can cause nervousness)

Does any of this sound familiar? It’s okay! You aren’t strange or crazy (consider booting those out of your life that say otherwise). 30-50% of people are introverted. We’re all different, and that’s beautiful. It doesn’t mean we have to miss out on life though.

Okay, so back to the adventure of cruising (and travel in general)!

Mendenhall Glacier

In June, my husband and I went on our very first cruise. To Alaska! It was absolutely the most incredible trip we’ve been on. He’s a total extrovert, that somehow ended up with the biggest introvert though. And although I absolutely love adventure – it can also easily exhaust me. Especially if we are constantly surrounded by people. AKA cruising!! This cruise was hosted by my favorite company, Young Living Essential Oils – and I knew we’d be surrounded by positive people – but I knew I still needed to be proactive about my energy. I wanted this vacation to be one of our best ones yet, and that wasn’t going to happen if I was holed up in our room the entire time, hiding from the world.

My biggest tip : respect that breaks are needed, and do not feel bad for needing them. It’s okay if Sally has been to every bar on the ship, multiple times. If you can only make it to one (or none), you are amazing at recognizing that. You can still have all the fun too!

There are some things that can help along the way too though.

couple in front of white pass summit
White Pass Sumit

Cruises have activities planned from the moment you wake up, until after you’re ready for bed. There is ALWAYS something going on. For an introvert, even the thought of that is overwhelming. Looking at day one’s schedule, made me want to rip it up and stay in my pajamas. Don’t do it though! Do what you can, when you can. But, also search for a couple (or five) quiet areas around the ship, and make those your go-to places to escape the noise, and chaos of the everlasting fun. Sit there, recharge, take your time, and step back out when you’re ready to. The deck was relaxing for us, and we were able to breathe in plenty of fresh air. There was also a “Workshop” room that we utilized a few times too.

Take naps if you feel like you need them. I’m not a nap person, but I took one almost every day. More than likely, you’ll be in a different time zone like we were – and the exhaustion was running deep from that. Add in everything else, and a nap might be just what you need.

Take the stairs instead of the jam packed elevator + it’s a little extra exercise too!

plate of hummus
hummus is life!!

Try to eat healthy. I know there is food galore, every where you look. So much temptation! Go ahead, give in a little, have the dessert! It’s vacay after all. Try to balance it with more healthy choices though. There are some nice choices at the buffet and the dining rooms. And if we support our bodies with proper nutrition – I believe it helps a lot with keeping our energy up.

If you’re peopled out by the time dinner comes – or aren’t wanting to begin your day by socializing right away – I recommend eat at the buffet. The sit down places have EXTRAORDINARY food, with amazing service, but sometimes sitting down for 1 to 1.5 hours, with tables close together, a room full of noise, and possibly even sharing a table with others – it can be difficult on an introvert.

My favorite tip of all is to…breathe in all the essential oils.
When we breathe in essential oils, the aromatherapy benefits reach our limbic system of the brain. That limbic system is triggered by smell, and it can help to control our emotions. Breathe in relaxing essential oils, and it helps tremendously.

A few of my favorites are :

– Valor : for all the courage and empowerment.

New experiences can be scary! I used this blend before heading to any activities. If airplanes freak you out, use this one before takeoff too (see Oils for Adventure). A drop in your palms, rub hands together, and cup over nose. Inhale deeply. Feel the zen!

– White Angelica : the empath’s best friend. This is my favorite blend to help protect energy, and say #BYEFELICIA to negativity that may be absorbed.

Try a drop on the crown of your head, and on wrists morning and night.

– Frankincense: all the grounding! All of it. Because who wants to feel irritable and high strung during vacation?

I like to apply a drop to the back of my neck, and over my heart.

– Stress Away : the name says it all. Again, who wants to feel irritable and high strung during vacation?

I basically wear this one as perfume.

– Lavender : unwind at night and get some ZzzZzzz.

Do not make the same mistake I did, and forget your diffuser! If you do though, simply apply Lavender to the bottoms of your feet before bed.

– Peppermint : if you need more energy throughout the day, this is your go-to.
A drop on the back of neck is so refreshing. It can also help with any sea sickness you might be feeling. A drop on the belly, and simply smell the amazingness right from the bottle.

beach in Seattle, WA

Another tip, get off the boat when you can. Even if you don’t have an excursion planned when you port, step off the boat, and regain your land legs for a bit. Take your shoes off, soak your feet into some grass, sand, or water. Ground yourself, and breathe. You’re doing amazing!!!

Finally, my biggest tip of all is to have fun! Enjoy your time. Make new memories. Take it all in! You said yes to this adventure. If you’re proactive with your energy, you’re three steps ahead of not letting it burn you out too much to enjoy it. Step out, do things afraid. Talk to new people. Embrace your awkwardness.

Sleep. Breathe. Laugh. Live.

And say yes to adventure again.

whale in front of mountain
Humpback whale in Juneau Alaska
ice burg in Alaska
Iceburg on the way to Dawes Glacier
rainforest tunga
Tongass National Forest
iceburg alaska
Iceburg on the way to Dawes Glacier

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