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Adventures always seem like a great idea at the time. But, it can quickly become a chaotic tornado of a shit show. Especially when bringing kids and/or pets along. Who can relate? You thought it’d be a great idea to drive 6 hours to the Grandparents house. You get in the car, and within minutes the kids are fighting. One has a stomach ache and claims they are going to spew all over. Another has asked if you’re there yet….5x within 60 seconds. The dogs are whining and barking at other cars. And you’re on the brink of just turning the car around, and saying screw it.

Sound familiar? Same. However, we LOVE to travel. We love adventure. I don’t love chaos though (it triggers my anxiety up the wazoo)! So, that’s why we always pack a few plant based things with us, to help avoid all the nonsense that may hinder the good times and beautiful memories.

Essential oils, friends! Essential oils. Yup, little bottles of plants can help these adventures be what they are meant to be. Enjoyable! They can help give us the confidence to say yes to ALL the adventures.

Below we are sharing about Young Living Essential Oils specifically. These are our absolute favorites to use, and what we trust for our family.
:: Number One Rule ::
If you are going on an adventure over night, ALWAYS leave enough room to pack a diffuser. Always. Hotel rooms can be disgusting, and diffusers can help to purify the air (pack some Thieves essential oil). Lavender essential oil helps to relax all of us at night, and then we can wake up ready to make all the memories the next day.

:: Air Travel ::
thieves.jpgBring those essential oils with you during air travel! Yes, there are liquid limits on what you can bring on your carry on. But, from experience…Do NOT let that intimidate you. Bring them with you. Trust me, you are going to want them!

Simply pack them in a quart size baggie, and just place it in one of those bins with your shoes when you go through security. If you run out of your room in your baggie, and you’re traveling with someone else, add some oils into theirs too. We’ve never had any issues getting through security.

Speaking of those bins though…have you guys heard about how dirty they are? All the things touch them. We like to make sure we pack a little bottle of Thieves Hand Sanitizer in our baggies too, and we’ll grab it out as soon as we are on the other side of security. It’ll help kill 99.9% of whatever bacteria is lingering, and it’s filled with one of my favorite essential oil blends for all things wellness support.

I’m going to bring up Thieves a few more times, so let’s chat real quick about where the name originated from. Thieves is a blend of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Clove, Orange, and Lemon essential oils. Rumor has it, that back during the Bubonic Plague, a few thieves were going around stealing from the dead. Yet, they weren’t getting sick themselves. Turns out, they were rubbing themselves down with the plants that are now in Thieves essential oil. Pretty awesome, right?

So! Apply that Thieves Hand Sanitizer, and also put it on those tray tables on the plane too.

What else do we pack for the plane?
Thieves : we like to put a drop on the bottoms of our feet every morning. Or dilute it with for our kiddo in a roller bottle and some carrier oil. My kid touches EVERY THING, and drops her toys EVERY WHERE. Thieves.Is.Life. If it helped those robbers not get sick, I’m definitely trying it for our family. It’s been doing it’s thing for us for 3 years now.

Stress Away : because long security lines, layovers delays, plane rides, grumpy people. Flights can be stressful! We put it on us and our kiddo before even arriving at the airport, and we put it on again before we get on the plane.

Valor : I always need a little extra courage before takeoff. I like to put a drop of Valor in the palms of my hands, rub them together, and cup over my nose. Inhale deeply, and let the beautiful essential oils in Valor reach that limbic system in your brain – and calm those nerves.

Peppermint : Turbulence! We simply smell it right from the bottle, and it’s saved me from having to grab the lovely puke bag tucked in the seat pocket.

Lavender : If we want to sleep on the flight, or want our kiddo to sleep, lavender is our go-to.

:: Road Trips ::62507636_450661882157920_1427311138193801216_n.jpg

– Grab yourself a car diffuser!
It could be something simple like clipping a small piece of felt or cotton ball to your air vent. Below are a few other options.

Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser : This is a handheld diffuser, and it’s perfect to toss to the kids in the backseat with some lavender in it!
USB Orb Diffuser : Fits right in the cup holder (pictured), and is spill proof.
Car Vent Diffuser : This clips right to your vent, and has a cotton pad inside of a pretty metal design.
USB Diffuser : It looks just like a flash drive. Super easy to pack and keep in your purse!

Peppermint : our favorite for focus and energy. We put that one in the diffuser for my husband (he’s the driver). He also puts a drop on the back of his neck, and will grab the bottle of Peppermint when he starts feeling that tunnel vision. Sometimes I catch him putting a drop in his beard too, since it’s basically his own personal diffuser!

Peppermint is also a humongous help with car sickness. I put a drop on my kiddo’s car seat cloth to help us avoid the car smelling like puke for the rest of the trip. WORST THING EVER.


Thieves : Again, we put this on before our trip. No matter how many times I tell my kid not to touch things in public bathrooms, she will still look me dead in the eyes – and do it. And I swear she smirks a little when she does. Thieves, ya’ll.

Stress Away : We put a drop on EVERYONE before even leaving. Because, traffic. Long trips. Being irritated with each other.

PanAway : when we start feeling achy, this is incredible!

Lavender : sometimes we leave at night, so we’ll put this on our kiddo – to help her with all the sleep.

Frankincense : grounding! A drop on the back of the neck or the top of the head. Love!

DiGize : fast food, anyone? a drop on our tummies if we need some digestion help.

Ningxia Red : we aren’t really coffee people (another anxiety trigger for me), and so many energy drinks are full of crapola. Ningxia is made from wolfberries (goji), and it’s incredible for wellness – and a natural boost.

White Angelica : sometimes we travel to visit family that can be a tad draining on our energy (empath life). White Angelica helps to protect that energy.

:: Outdoors ::

Essential oils are made from plants, so it totally makes sense that they’d benefit us when exploring the outdoors, surrounded by plants!

Insect Repellent : Who the heck wants to be bothered by mosquitoes? Pass!!! We love using Young Living’s 100% plant based Insect Repellent. It’s also DEET free. And since so much of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstreams within seconds, this is huge!
Travel hack : fill a 10ml roller bottle with it! Easier than traveling with the bottle, while hiking.


– DIY Bug Off : see this blog post with recipe

Mineral Sunscreen : sun protection is pretty important if you’re out there for awhile. And we want a sunscreen that isn’t full of crapola that could actually cause cancer, rather than prevent it. We LOVE Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen. + It’s safe for our reefs too.

Lavender : for all the skin support! owies or bug bites that may occur. If you’re the camping type, put on a little lavender before bed time too.

Raven : hiking? this is our favorite to smell if we start having a difficult time with altitude, or just get winded.

Frankincense : if we’re trying to get our meditation/prayer on. this is a great oil to help open up spirituality


PanAway : for any achy limbs from sleeping outside, or walking around a lot.

Peppermint : if the heat starts hurting our heads, we put a drop of Peppermint on it. Or if we are overheating, we put a drop of Peppermint on the back of our necks.

DIY Sun Spray : perfect if you get a sunburn or if you need cooled off.
— in a 4oz spray bottle, add 10 drops lavender, 10 drops peppermint. fill with water. or half alcohol free witch hazel and half water. Simply spray on your sunburn a couple times a day. Spray on the back of your neck and on chest to cool down.

And there you go! Our favorites to make sure all our adventures are as enjoyable as possible.


If any of this sound like something you need for your future adventures, do it! Wellness is truly priceless.

You can order from us here, or from your favorite oiler!

Our absolute favorite way to get started is the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with a lot of what we mentioned, that diffuser you HAVE to pack for overnight trips, and a discount to use on any future orders too.

A little note : We are not medical professionals. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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