One Last Forced Move

I’m backkkkk in the blog world! I’m not sure where 2 months went, but I promise it was full of weekly adventures with my family. I have a list of blog ideas though, so be prepared for more Stephanie rants and DIY essential oil projects weekly.
Something happened a few days ago that caught me completely off guard. I was walking with my daughter to my Grandpa’s, and my neighbor stopped us. She was curious as to if we were moving soon. I was caught off guard because only a handful of people know our situation. I remembered she probably saw the For Sale sign in my yard last month though, which is something I have been trying to pretend didn’t happen. I kept the conversation short, and responded to her with, “We have to”. She stated that she wished we weren’t, and I replied, “I know, me too”. Wait…what? I know, me too? My city loving self doesn’t want to move out of this tiny 2000 population rural town? Yet, I have to? Yes, due to a little thing called a credit score.

I love our house. It’s 875 square feet of perfection, only 1/2 mile from my widower Grandpa, and in a (mostly) extremely quiet corner of the world. We really do not need something any bigger, but that’s an entirely other blog post. As I kept walking, I thought about my little family’s future. I thought about the house I loved so much, and how it broke my heart that a For Sale sign was going back up soon. I thought about the reality of always being on borrowed time. I thought about how we currently cannot even buy this home we adore, due to past financial mistakes and carelessness. I thought about how I don’t want my daughter to have to jump from house to house and rent like we have. I thought about the day I found out I was pregnant in house #2, and the day we started to pack up to move to house #3. I remember bringing her home to house #3, and all the newborn sleepless nights, and then packing up to move to house #4 before she could even walk. I thought about how beautiful it would be if I could buy her a house when she’s an adult, somewhere she absolutely loves (hopefully near me). And then I thought of where I am at with my essential oil business, and how far I’ve been able to come in less than 1.5 years. I thought about how far I’ll be when the time comes to buy my daughter that house. I thought about why I said yes to Network Marketing one more time (see past blog post here). Hint : I said yes for my daughter.

I am so close to matching my husband’s income. So close. The promotion I am working hard towards can easily double and triple it. How friggin insane is that? I’m a stay at home mom, who does not drive, I barely ever leave home, I have anxiety galore, occasional deep depression, and I do not have very many friends. Take that bad credit!!! I don’t need your stinkin score, we’re going to pay cash for a new car and a house some day. We will not have to be tied down to a stupid number, due to past silly mistakes. We will not be put in this situation again, and forced to leave.

Yes, this business takes work, and I will never tell anyone that it doesn’t. These huge dreams of ours won’t come easy. This is not a get rich scheme, and if someone tells you that it is…that’s when you run the other way. It is a blessing though, and we’ll achieve these dreams faster than we would elsewhere. Network Marketing/MLM/direct sales are far from dirty phrases. It opens doors, and helps us to help others dream big as well. It’s helping me not be so down that yes, the house I love is going to be sold, and not to us. But, I’ll just eventually have a replica built elsewhere. This opportunity will also allow us to truly help others, along with allow my husband be able to do what he loves (app development), at home with our daughter and me. He selflessly put his studies on hold, so I could focus on this. It’s his turn to follow his dreams like he has let me do the past year and a half. It’s our turn to have all the time together as a family. Now. Not 40 years from now. Now. We deserve that. So does everyone else that wants it too.

Bringing my husband home, buying a house, traveling the world, helping sooooo many others, and buying our daughter a home is just a few of our dreams. Each one of these will happen though. Yes, for the time being we’re moving once again. I can promise my family this though ; I will work as hard as I can to try and make this the last time that we are forced to pack our things. Thanks to Network Marketing.

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  1. Stephanie,
    I love this. Your steps of faith, your growing trust in the Lord are truly an inspiration to others. Keep looking up and forward and the Lord will faithfully provide all you and your family need.

    Hugs and love to you.

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