Why You Can’t Watch My Kid

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Is there an essential oil we can spray on our kiddos to keep them safe from danger? Maybe a super stinky one? I wish! In all seriousness, I try to to be relatively positive…ish, but I’m a very protective momma bear of one, and that won’t change, even if you attempt to guilt me about not letting you watch my kid. You’ll more than likely see my toddler with me every where I go, despite your unwanted advice on how you raised your children, and how they turned out just fine (they probably didn’t). This will not calm my consumable fears, and possible borderline paranoia. But, hello…Mrs. Anxiety right here!

So, why don’t I let more than a few people watch my daughter? The world is friggin terrifying!!!! I don’t live in a bubble though, this is coming from someone who wants to travel it, and eventually live in NYC. For now though, let’s start with…your house. It is far from toddler proof. You don’t know all of the random items my daughter tries to eat, you don’t know that you have to watch her every move, actually watch her, and you more than likely don’t know the proper Heimlich maneuver or CPR. You don’t know that those pennies on your counter are choking hazards, and that drawer full of knives is within her reach. You don’t know that she can open cabinets and access all of your toxic cleaners. You don’t know that the sharp corner on your side table is about to bust her head open. And even if your house is the most perfect toddler-proofed house ever, there are still some terrifying stats out there. Sex offenders and human trafficking is on the rise, and it’s right in our backyard. I need someone that understands this as much as me. I’m sorry(not sorry), but I don’t know nor trust that friend of your brother’s that is coming over, and I’m not okay with leaving my daughter there while he is.

Do I care if I miss out on things? Not really. Okay, maybe sometimes. I’m an introvert anyway though, and most of the time I’d rather not go out and worry the entire time. I’ll stay a fun sucker inside my house, writing this instead.

Have you seen those Facebook shares going around, about the mom that is out with her kiddos (probably grocery shopping), and she felt like a sex trafficker was watching her kids? It’s quite possible that it’s made up, but it’s also possible that it’s true. Either way, there ARE sex traffickers lurking out there, and their job is to stay hidden. In 2016 there were 220 Michigan human trafficking cases being worked on by the FBI. Please keep in mind; these are just the cases being worked on. There are almost 1 million REGISTERED sex offenders in the United States. Registered. Once again, these people like to stay hidden. I live in a tiny rural town of 2000 people, and there are 45 registered sex offenders. That’s 2% of the town! Of all sexual abuse cases reported in the United States, 93% of the juvenile victims knew their perpetrator. 59% were acquaintances. 34% family members. 7% strangers.

I will leave this link right here if you’d like to read more :

Protect those beautiful cubs mommas and daddies. Do not feel ashamed of doing so either! Are there people getting offended that you don’t say yes to their babysitting offers? Stop caring. If you have a tiny list of people that you trust to watch your kids, go you. If you have a big list of people you trust, go you too! Unfortunately, I do not.

Below are some rules I made up:
1. No outings, unless I approve it. But, I probably won’t. There are WAY too many unpredictable things. This includes going to parks, grocery stores, playgrounds, etc.
2. If by some rare chance I do approve it, do NOT turn your back while out.
3. No visitors. None. I don’t care if you trust them. I don’t.
4. Even if you’re a parent too, this includes your kid’s friends.
5. Keep phone use to a minimum. Toddlers are FAST, think of it like texting and driving. Just don’t.
6. Pay attention. Once again, toddlers are fast.
7. No YouTube. Not even YouTube Kids. There are even creeps on there!
8. Do not spank my kid.

This may seem outrageous to some, and that’s okay. You can do what works for you, and I’d never shame you for doing so! I’m also not discrediting all babysitters or daycare providers, so don’t come after me ya’ll!! 😉

Before I close this out and click “Publish”, remember to always be aware of those surroundings though! If you’re trusted with someone else’s child, you’ve been given a gift, please cherish it, respect their rules, and do not think of the opportunity as just a money making deal.

Now, please excuse me while I go huff some of my Stress Away essential oil…because I’m sure I’ll receive a couple messages asking if someone is on my tiny list.
(If you’re not, consider yourselves lucky. You don’t want that kind of pressure anyway!)

2 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Watch My Kid

  1. Yes. Complete agreement to all of this. My list is very small. And I am ok with that. It’s like you wrote what was in my mind!

    1. Spoken like a true mama bear! As a mom working outside of the house, I had to learn to trust a little sooner than I would have liked. He’s a teenager now and we have other scary trust situations to face, which is the reason he does not have a Facebook page. I don’t feel that he is mature enough and there are too many weirdos and criminals out there waiting to prey on a kid like mine.

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