DIY Bug Spray, oils, bottle, and witch hazel pictured

Pinterest Fail-Proof Bug Off Recipe

DIY Bug Spray, oils, bottle, and witch hazel pictured

The trees are finally peeking hints of green here on the planet Hoth we call Michigan, and the sun is making an appearance on the regular. The moment we’ve been waiting for…for HALF A YEAR!!! Do a happy dance for us please! With that though, the bugs come out with a vengeance. I hate bugs. A lot. I run from them, I swat at them, I scream, and I look like a dang fool. I will take their pesky selves though, because the constant dreariness really bummed me the eff out.

Plus, I have nothing to worry about thanks to my homemade bug spray!!!
Trust me, I am no Pinterest momma. I am not crafty, I avoid DIY projects, and would rather buy it all at Hobby Lobby and Target. This recipe is SUPER easy and fail proof though.


But…why homemade bug spray? Why not just go to Dollar General, and grab a can of theirs? (Pssst…that’s the only store in this tiny town. Feel sorry for me. Target is 45 minutes away) Over the past year, we’ve worked on kicking toxins out of our home. Bug spray was one of the first ones to go. DEET (common ingredient in bug spray) can cause rashes, sores, irritated eyes, and neurological problems. There has even been cases of seizures, and slurred speech. It may work, but it’s not worth the risks to me, especially since I use this with my daughter. Plus, the smell is pungent, I get a migraine when using it too much, and it leaves a gross sticky feeling.

What you’ll need : 
I’m sure you guessed by now, essential oils!!!!
– Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Clove are known to all repel buggies.
– Witch Hazel
– Distilled water
– 4 oz Spray bottle
– Funnel if you’re messy like me


Fail-Proof Directions :
#1 : Add 10 drops of each oil that you want to use.
Psssst…The more drops you add, the stronger it will work.
I personally like to use Purification, because it has Citronella, Lemongrass, and Rosemary in it. Thieves has Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. 
#2 : Fill about 3/4 of the way with distilled water
#3 : Top it off with Witch Hazel
#4 : Shake, and spray on your clothes every 1-2 hours

If you are wary about Peppermint and Thieves on kiddos, you could do Purification + Lavender and add 15-20 drops of each.

You could even add in some Apple Cider Vinegar too, because that stuff is pretty much amazing for everything.

There you have it! Your very own affordable, and ridiculously easy to make Bug Off.

Bonus? If you have a Young Living Premium Starter Kit, all of the oils in the photo are in it! + they each have multiple other benefits. Scoreeeeee!

Do you have a toxin free way that you repel bugs? Feel free to share your recipe in a comment.

8 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail-Proof Bug Off Recipe

  1. I made this and sprayed on my skin is there anything I should be concerned about missed the part where you put it on your clothes.

    1. We haven’t had any problems with it staining clothes or leaving residue. However, if you were to put a carrier oil in it like Sesame oil, that could stain.

  2. How long can you keep the mixture? I still have some I made last year and was wondering if it would still be good or should I remake it?

    1. If you’ve used YL oils, they don’t expire. The potency may change if exposed to direct sunlight though. However, I am unsure about the witch hazel. I haven’t had any issues with using ours from a previous year though.

  3. For the recipe for the mosquito repellent using essential oils. Did you use both purification and thieves to make the mosquito repellent?

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