featured image. titled, I'm the probably the reason you hate MLM, but it's helped with my anxiety

I’m Probably the Reason You Hate MLM

featured image. titled, I'm the probably the reason you hate MLM, but it's helped with my anxiety

As you probably have guessed by now, I love essential oils. Like…dude, seriously where are my oils? On my banister, on my dresser, in the medicine cabinet, the kitchen counter and cabinets, the laundry area, my purse, Nora’s bag, my husband’s beard bag, and his car. They are scattered everywhere. Why wouldn’t they be though? They work! They really work. Not only do these perfect bottles of plant amazingness work, but also they are bringing people into my life that are lifting me up, and inspiring me every single day. The community of oil loving people is something I have never experienced before. These are genuine, real people. On Monday evening, I had dinner with 12+ of them, and it was beautiful. That’s so insane to me! I’m seriously the most introverted socially awkward person ever; dinner with more than 2 people is a shocker for me. Guess what? These are people that I met through being a part of a Multi Level Marketing company. Yes, I said MLM. Those crazy-assumed pyramid schemes that receive a lot of hate. Put those Vampire stakes away though! I seriously do not blame you for hating them. You might actually hate them because of me!

Before Young Living came into my life, I was part of another MLM business, for about 2 years. Remember that anxiety thing I mentioned? Isn’t it so weird that I chose “Network Marketing” as my job? Okay, so a few years ago an opportunity came knocking on my door. Literally. It was my mom with a box she recently ordered. This was the first time I had ever heard of this kind of business. I had absolutely no idea it existed, and we both had no idea what the heck we were doing either. I didn’t even have friends or any type of network in this new state I was living in. I was intrigued though, because I tried the product, and it actually worked. I looked over the information in that box, the compensation plan, I read the motivational paperwork, I attended the inspirational meetings that promised freedom, and I fell down the rabbit hole. Deep down in the rabbit hole.

I quickly became that annoying MLM lady. You know the one I am talking about, right? The one with the constant cheesy Ads on Facebook. The graphics that were just begging for the next sale. The one who pretended like I was giving you a deal, but really EVERYONE received it. Yeah, don’t fall for that crap. If you look at my Facebook before and after that, you would never guess I was that girl. Hopefully. I swear I didn’t know better though! I was blocked and deleted by people; Family even! So, trust me…I’ve been punished enough. When I expressed my concerns to people in the company about this, I was told that if my friends and family did not want to support me, then I did not need them in my life. So, I continued what I was doing and became even more annoying. For two flipping years!!! I wasn’t advancing very much…I wonder why? People were basically running in the other direction, and I was constantly being taught that it wasn’t me, it was them. Dude…was I brainwashed?

One day I finally (FINALLY) woke up and realized: Nope. It isn’t that my friends didn’t support me. It’s that I wasn’t supporting them! I didn’t care that they didn’t want to come on Facebook and see a commercial every time they saw my name. I didn’t care that it stopped being about friendship, and all about numbers and a place to fill my chart. I didn’t care that I was messaging them without even asking them how they are, but first asking if they wanted to try a product…even though we hadn’t talked in years. I didn’t realize I wasn’t being real. None of this clicked until it was switched around, and I became the number to someone else, and the friendships were flushed down the toilet when my number no longer mattered anymore. I became irrelevant the minute my business started sinking, booted out of their little clique (if I was ever really a part of it) #MeanGirlsStyle, and was given no life jacket, boat, hand, rope, not even a piece of wood to float on.

Insert anxiety and having an extremely difficult time making friends, and talk about regret galore! I came out of my shell for them, and I’ll forever be grateful for that experience because of that. However, I came out of my shell, and that takes a lot for me to do. It’s extremely vulnerable and also exhausting for me to do, and then I felt like I did it for nothing because I had to step away. I had to, despite promising people I was going to succeed, and despite the humiliation of failing. I was tired of harassing my friends, not treating them like friends, and being fed unethical crap.

So, yes I understand 100% why you would dislike these types of companies.

A few months later, Young Living Essential Oils walked into my life. Yup, another MLM. I almost brought out the vampire stake myself! Something was different though. Yeah yeah…I know, they all say they are different, right? This was an entirely different vibe though, full of genuine, sincere, supportive, uplifting, and beautiful people. At least this is what I’ve experienced from those that fell into my life, at the most perfect time (props to you God!) My soon-to-be enroller quickly became my actual friend (way before I even decided yes, I would try the business). My husband and I were broke at the time, living on one income, struggling, thinking about enrolling in food assistance again, and we had a 10 month old who boycotted sleep. My new friend knew that I desperately needed essential oils in my life though, and she made it possible for us to afford our oil starter kit. Sweetest woman ever, I swear. And let me repeat, this was before she even knew I’d decide to do the business with her. This was her having a real passion for wanting people to feel better and live a more toxin-free life. It was new!

Like most oil stories go, I was quickly falling in love with those little bottles. My family was feeling better than we had in a long time. We hadn’t slept more than an hour at a time in 10 months, and we were finally friggin sleeping. All thanks to that lovely bottle of Lavender and the oil diffuser that came in my oil starter kit. A couple months after I got my starter kit, I snapped a photo of an oil I was using that day, and posted something quick on Facebook. Probably something related to my daughter. You know how we all instagram an aesthetic photo of our delicious meals? Same exact thing! I didn’t even give it a second thought. Boom! Someone commented, and asked if I was selling them. My first paycheck was larger than any from my first MLM experience. It all started, because I was just being myself, and being real. I shared my experience, and how awesome that oil was, because I thought someone else could relate.

One year and a couple months later, and I’ve made more new friends than I can count. We are also now a toxin free home, I’m on my way to the 5th rank of Gold (average of $6,000 a month), we’ve helped soooooo many new people boot toxins out of their home with essential oils, and I have over 30 ladies who decided to do this business with me (without me even chasing them down). These 30 ladies are all over the country, with different beliefs, we are on different chapters of our lives, along with entirely different every day schedules. I’ve experienced more love from them in one year, than I have in the past 10 years from a lot of others. I’ve watched them and others help a family out who lost everything in a fire. I’ve watched a couple pay for an adoption for another family. When I was on the brink of losing a free trip from Young Living to the Lavender fields, people not even on my personal team banded together to help me achieve it!! That’s special.

I have learned a lot in these past few years, unfortunately through a lot of mistakes and failures. My favorite thing I’ve picked up though is, the goal to be your friend, and the passion to truly help others with wellness and/or success (if they choose). The hopelessness I felt is unexplainable, and these women brought light into my life again. I named my personal downline group, “Team Believe” for a reason. I believe in them more than I believe in myself sometimes. I believe we can conquer our fears, overcome obstacles, follow our dreams, and do anything we want to. I believe this because someone offered me a lifejacket, a hand, a rope, a raft, and a dang boat all at once, and I want to offer you the same thing. If you have a friend that has offered you something similar, don’t be so quick to say no!

Whoever is reading this; you can do anything you want to. Go for your dreams, and don’t stop. Being a part of this Multi Level Marketing company has helped me realize that I am worth it, and so is everyone else. Yes, it did take years of failure though, and yes, it is work. No, you will not become rich overnight. But, you will help others, you will make new friends, you could live more toxin-free, and your life will change if you let it. No, my life isn’t magically unicorns and rainbows now, my anxiety and depression definitely try to beat me down daily, and I struggle with squashing it multiple times a day. I am worthy though, and so are you. Someone in a Multi Level Marketing company helped me realize that, so they can’t be that bad…right?


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  1. Congratulations on finishing your first blog! Thank you for sharing your story. You summarized exactly how I feel about my YL family. I feel like I’ve known some of them for years.

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