Worthy of Adventure

teal graphic that says worthy of adventure. release self limiting beliefs. do more of what brings you joy and light. live your grandest adventureHey Friend!

We’re the Sanchez family, and we’re stoked you’ve stumbled upon our page. Thank you!

We believe that we are all worthy of living our best adventure. Whatever that adventure is to you.

We are parents to a spunky fierce and sassy 5 year old, and pet parents to 2 dogs. And our little family is about to embark on our biggest adventure yet. And it wouldn’t be possible without stepping out in faith, saying yes, and doing it ALL afraid. Right now we are renovating our 2010 Heartland Sundance RV, and will be moving in to it full time soon. We plan to document our adventure with Stephanie’s love of photography and Joseph’s love for videography.
family of 3 making a silly face in front of a mountainTo help us keep up with it all (mentally, physically, and spiritually), we are pretty obsessed with using essential oils to support ALL the things. For Stephanie personally, oils have helped tremendously with supporting emotions. She did not want self limiting beliefs and negativity to interfere with adventures anymore. And now her passion is sharing with others about how the power of therapeutic grade essential oils can help us survive through life’s struggles.
Stephanie is also a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner. She is able to help others transform emotions and limiting beliefs too, with the help of essential oils.

We are ALL worthy of adventure, and our goal is to help inspire you to say yes more often to whatever adventure means to you.
If you want to connect, please never hesitate to reach out. We are here for questions and support. You can also find Stephanie sharing our family’s adventures over on instagram (check out her Stories if you want a little peek into our every day lives).

with love & grace,
Joseph Sanchez 
& Stephanie Valentine-Sanchez