We are warriors in this battle of life, but we do not have to fight it alone!

Hey friends! My name is Stephanie, and I love that you’re here. Thank you!

I’m a work from home mom, who loves adventures with my family. To help us keep up with it all (mentally, physically, and spiritually), we are pretty obsessed with using essential oils to support ALL the things. For me personally, oils have helped tremendously with emotions. Anxiety and depression have been a struggle since the 7th grade, and I did not want it to interfere with adventures anymore. Nowadays, life feels like I finally have it under control (for the most part), and I want to share with others how I have used the power of therapeutic grade essential oils to survive through struggles.
71146824_10215230786590805_9122395070803214336_o.jpgOne of my passions is helping you guys live more toxin free, and focus on wellness for the mind, body, spirit. Using essential oils and safe products has helped me take back control of my mental health and overall wellness. It feels empowering, and I want you guys to experience something similar!

My family’s cabinets were full of products with harmful toxins, resulting in us asking why we kept getting sick. I was tired of it, and knew something had to change. We were using things with those hidden toxins every single day, and it was being absorbed into our bloodstreams. In walks a deep love for learning and sharing about essential oils. I love teaching monthly workshops, and creating vegan friendly, toxin free items (dry shampoo, bath items, balms, sprays, oil rollers, etc).

I’m also in the midst of studying to become certified in something called Aroma Freedom Technique. I’ll soon be able to help others transform emotions and limiting beliefs, with the help of essential oils.
If you want to connect, please never hesitate to reach out. I’m here for questions and support! You can also find me sharing my family’s adventures over on instagram (check out my Stories if you want a little peek into our every day lives).

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